Notice #89537

Investigating latency in some Remote-Consumer Kinesis streams


AWS has corrected the underlying issues with Kinesis. Bluzone services have been restarted and Remote-Consumer streams that were disabled due to failures have been re-enabled.

AWS has reported an issue on their end and this is causing increased error rates for Kinesis Data Streams APIs in the US-EAST-1 Region.

Some projects may experience increased latency in Policy-Events delivered to their Kinesis stream.

  • Staff Safety

    Solutions using Button Beacons, Streaming APIs, and REST Apis.

  • Location Services - RTLS
  • Condition Monitoring
  • User Interfaces

    Web-based administration interfaces

  • Platform Services

    Bluzone Integration Services

    • Service Provider APIs

      APIs for provisioning services on behalf of a set of managed projects.

    • Public API

      Bluzone REST APIs

    • Consumer Service

      Kinesis and EventHub Stream integrations

    • Remote Storage

      S3 and Azure Storage data export services.

  • Fleet management
    • Beacon Device Jobs

      Scheduling of read jobs, configuration changes, or firmware updates to a beacon.

    • Device Provisioning

      Blufi and Beacon Provisioning

  • Policies
    • Battery Policy
    • Duress Button Policy
    • Geofence Policy
    • Presence Policy
    • Proximity Policy
    • Tamper Policy
    • Temperature Policy
  • Workplace Occupancy
  • Distance Tracking

    Distance and proximity tracking, alerting, and reporting

  • TrustedTag

    TrustedTag Verify API (TTS)

Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Latency in Bluzone Policy-Event

Began: Ended: Duration:
  • Consumer Service

Some projects may experience latency in Policy-Event generation or consumption from the Remote-Consumer Service.

We've fixed the core issue, and are waiting for things to recover.

Policy-Event message latency has recovered to normal.

We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

No further notices from the past 7 days.