All systems are go

  • Location Services - RTLS
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Console

    Web administration user interface

  • Platform Services

    Bluzone Integration Services

    • Service Provider APIs

      APIs for provisioning services on behalf of a set of managed projects.

    • Public API

      Bluzone REST APIs

    • Consumer Service

      Kinesis and EventHub Stream integrations

    • Remote Storage

      S3 and Azure Storage data export services.

  • Fleet management
    • Beacon Device Jobs

      Scheduling of read jobs, configuration changes, or firmware updates to a beacon.

    • Device Provisioning

      Blufi and Beacon Provisioning

  • Hoteling
  • Workplace Occupancy
  • Staff Safety

    Solutions using Button Beacons, Streaming APIs, and REST Apis.

  • Policies
    • Battery Policy - Beacon
    • Battery Policy - Blufi
    • Duress Button Policy
    • Geofence Policy
    • Presence Policy - Beacon
    • Presence Policy - Blufi
    • Proximity Policy
    • Tamper Policy
    • Temperature Policy
    • Vibration Policy
Upcoming Maintenance

[Scheduled] Bluzone Scheduled Maintenance

Expected to begin
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Service Provider APIs
  • Public API
  • Battery Policy - Beacon
  • Geofence Policy
  • Proximity Policy
Mon, 14 Oct 2019
20:16:24 UTC

- ServiceProvider API: project template enhancements
- Condition Monitoring Beacon Metric APIs: additional APIs exposed to fetch last-known data point for a beacon
- Battery Policy: enhancement to the battery level algorithm (Violate when average voltage for the past 24 hours is less than 8% of original)
- Proximity and Geofence Policy: adding new scope for Labels (previously it was implicit) with existing Global and Non-global scope

  • Scheduled for Thu, 17 Oct 2019 08:00 UTC
  • Expected to take 1 hour

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